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Birmingham Medics 51 - 8 Nottingham Medics RFC

 Brum continue with strong start

Birmingham Medics - 30 

Tries; Rob Eatough (4), Richard Hutton, Will Blevins, Tom Stevens

Cons; Sam Bourke (5) 

Pens; Sam Bourke (2) 

Nottingham Medics RUFC - 8 

Try; unknown 

Pen; unknown



Brum look impressive against Nottingham under floodlights in the second NAMS fixture of the season...

After a couple of weeks off and with tour looming around the corner - Brum looked get to get the traditional Wednesday to Sunday festivities off with a bang with an away fixture at Nottingham under floodlights. A good turnout from the lads who weren't able to play and good training sessions throughout the week meant that spirits were high leading in to the second NAMS fixture of the season for the Cloob. Unfortunately, the dreaded M6 and dog traffic system through the west midlands resulted in 2 and a half hour bus journey. Furthermore, the weather had taken a taken a turn for the worst, meaning the match was being played in baltic conditions.

The match started fairly evenly, with both teams sharing the possession for the first 10 minutes. Nottingham played with confidence and looked to crash it through the middle of the park, luckily the speed bump on our team had been moved elsewhere . Although they were able to make some breaks, good defensive organisation and play in the loose resulted in a brum turnover or penalty. The first try came after sustained pressure in the Nottingham half, resulting in a set play walk in for new club member Rob - who has finally joined the club after 5 years of medicine. This would not be the first, as he continued to wreak havoc on the opposition defence bouncing men left, right and centre resulting in his trio of tries before the half time whistle. Nottingham were able to score a penalty after break down errors by Brum before Dumpy also found himself on the score sheet after returning from knee injury with play beginnnig to look one-sided. Bourkey was able to convert all conversions and added penalty for good measure.

31 - 3 at half time.

My recollection of the second half is less clear due to how cold the sideline supporters were getting , with frost actually beginning to form on Scooter McNasty's beard and shoe. During halftime, it was noted that shouting could be heard from their captain in their huddle - "We've got them in the scrum, keep pushing it in the scrum", which in fairness were perfectly reasonable comments. However these highly spirited words were met by their number 3 hunched over and spewing everywhere, before signalling that he was in fact done for the day. An even more rotund man replaced him.

The second half began with Brum going backwards in the scrum (classic) and Narrow Eyes Nigel continuing to perfect his going backwards pick up technique. Westy's mate also came off for Smeagol during the break. Nottingham were able to finally get on the score sheet with try (which was unconverted). Rob ran in another try - becoming the first 4 try scorer in recent times I believe and Billy Belvin also crossed the white wash before being subbed off for Fresher Ample****skin. Scouse also came off for P**do Steve , whilst Snuggles came on for Dumpy. Sgt Red Dog Pants was able to convert 1 of 2. As the game drew to a close Captain Shanko scored, which bourke was unable to convert - but the scores don't add up somewhere so I'm assuming there was another penalty at some point...

Final score 51 - 8 to Brum.

Another good win, with the first back to back wins of the season being recorded for the 1s. The bus back was eventful with Flat Stanley performing his age old crowd pleaser and Elton being generally odd. A great start to what was a cracking few days leading up to a ridiculous weekend.

MOM: Rob


The Pied Piper

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